Our core values are what define us as a team, and they’re very important to us. These six values represent who we are and what we stand for:

1. A positive outlook: Nobody ever walks into a company and wants to hang around negative people. This business is somewhat of a roller coaster and there are a lot of emotions involved in buying and/or selling a home, so we try to keep a positive outlook and be solution-oriented with no excuses.

2. Being your best: We believe in taking pride in your position and doing everything to the best of your ability. To me, anything worth doing is worth doing right. There are a lot of things that happen in a real estate transaction, and putting our best foot forward and being the best we can be for both our clients and each other is extremely important.

3. Appreciation: We take the time to appreciate our clients and our team. We like to have client appreciation parties a few times a year. We get busy with the day-to-day hustle and grind, and sometimes we forget to thank our clients and northwest Arkansas for choosing us as your real estate team.

“We take the time to appreciate our clients and our team.”

4. Being silly: This is a very stressful business, so we take the time to be silly and happy. You have to take time out of the day to laugh. As the expression goes, “If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry,” and sometimes we feel like that.

5. Abundance:When living in a world of abundance, you have to give in order to get. One of the things I’m most proud of with our team is the fact that we’re a giving team. We like to give back to our community, and we help sponsor several different organizations across Arkansas. We also have our Compassion Campaign, where every time we sell a home we put money into an account that helps with urgent needs within our community.

6. Being coachable: I’ve been in this business since 2004, and I still learn something new every day. We’re never going to know it all, and that’s what I love about real estate. It’s always changing, and there’s something new to learn each and every day. We can all learn something new, and if I ever felt like I knew it all, it wouldn’t be as much fun to be in this business.

If you have any questions about our core values or you’re thinking about buying or selling a home, feel free to reach out to us. We’d be happy to help.