I know that people always wonder about our guaranteed sale program and how it works. It’s a big promise to make, and I’d like to explain how we manage to keep this promise for our clients who qualify for this program.

Most sellers are often uneasy about the selling price of their home and if a buyer will be found for it. However, with our Guaranteed Sale Program, we agree on a price and a time frame immediately. In the last two years, we have only had to buy one property from our clients using this program.

We have used this program with many of our clients, and it’s worked very well for almost all of them. As you can see, these two people that we helped in the past also thought that the Guaranteed Sold Program was too good to be true. However, their home did sell and they walked away very happy and willing to recommend us to their friends.

Keep in mind that the Guaranteed Sale Program is only available in Benton and Washington Counties, but that covers a majority of Northwest Arkansas.

If you’re selling your home, you owe it to yourself to come down and meet us. We would love the opportunity to help you buy or sell a home!